2020 Registration

On behalf of the Executive Committee, we wish you and your families a Happy New Year and welcome you to the upcoming 2020 soccer season!


In-person Registrations

Please find below the details for in-person registration days…


  • Sat 18 Jan, 10am – 2pm @ Rosemeadow Marketplace, Thomas Rose Drive, Rosemeadow.
  • Sat 25 Jan, 10am – 2pm @ Rosemeadow Marketplace, Thomas Rose Drive, Rosemeadow.
  • Sat 1 Feb,   10am – 2pm @ Lynwood Park (club canteen), Rangers Road, St Helen’s Park.
  • Wed 5 Feb, 5pm – 8pm @ Lynwood Park (club canteen) Rangers Road, St Helen’s Park.


Please note…

  • One other day and time will be added to the above list however we are waiting for confirmation from the venue.
  • When at Rosemeadow Marketplace, we will be located at the front of shop 9, (between the butcher and barber).
  • We do not yet have EFTPOS facilities; hence we can only accept cash. Alternatively, funds can be credited to the club’s bank account. If you wish to pay with credit card, please register online.


Online Registration

Online registrations are now open. You can register and pa via credit card, by clicking the following link; https://www.playfootball.com.au/

Form Links:

U6-U9 SSG Registration

U10-U11 SSG Registration

U12 Junior Registration

U13-U18 Junior Registration

All-Age/Senior Registration

Volunteer (Coach + Manager) Registration

Football NSW have provided the below videos covering the registration process:

How to re-Register in 2020 if you HAVE registered before on PlayFootball (already HAVE a Football Account)

How to Register if you have NOT registered before on PlayFootball (you do NOT have a Football Account yet)

Active Kids Voucher

The NSW Government’s Active Kids program is once again available at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher

You can apply for the $100 voucher, which can go towards your child’s soccer registration fees, by clicking the above link. You will receive a unique code when you have successfully applied for the voucher; please record this code as it’s required when registering your child in-person or online.

2020 Registration Fees*

  • U6 – U11         $90
  • U12 – U17       $120
  • Seniors            $210

*The above fees exclude match-day and referee fees (if applicable). Match-day and referee fees are paid to your team manaer on a weekly basis.

For other registration related queries please email registrar@cucsc.org.au or contact the club phone on 0403 708 418



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