Club Committee – 2023

President *Katie
Vice President *Lauren
Secretary *Rachael
Treasurer *Karen
Registrar *Michael
Church Representative*Andy
Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)Andy
Club CaptainDwayne
Canteen CoordinatorRebekah
WebmasterBrian Turner + Phil
Assistant SecretaryKatie
Equipment OfficerBrian

* Indicates a Member of the Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The President

1) The President shall:

(a) preside over all meetings that he or she attends (except the Appeals Committee);

(b) conduct meetings in accordance with the Rules;

(c) when presiding as chairperson—have the right to exercise a casting vote;

(d) ensure that all Members are made aware of the Clubs’ Constitution;

(e) use his or her best endeavours to achieve the Clubs Objects;

(f) exercise a watching brief over the whole of the administration of the Club; and

(g) be responsible for the good order and discipline of the Club.

                The president shall also (when available) attend MFA meetings and be responsible for the Club application

The Vice-President

1) The Vice-President shall:

(a) in the absence of the President, preside all meetings that he or she attends, (except the Appeals Committee);

(b) assist the President;

The vice president shall also (when available) attend MFA meetings and be responsible for events and presentation

The Secretary

1) The Secretary shall:

(a) administer the Clubs affairs as directed by the Executive Committee, and Members, and as the Rules direct;

(b) exercise such other duties as may come within the province of Secretary;

(c) Maintain a register of all outgoing and incoming correspondence and generally advance details of all written matters dealt with by the Executive Committee and report on any other matters;

(d) effect printing and distribution to all Members and other persons as directed. (it is assumed that ‘printing’ will usually be in electronic form)

The secretary shall also be responsible for:

Liaison with Council

Official correspondence with Coaches / Managers / Players

Investigating sponsorship opportunities

Initial team rostering for canteen

The Treasurer

1) The Treasurer shall:

(a) ensure that all monies due to the Club is collected and received;

(b) hold all financial assets of the Club in the Clubs name in an authorised account with a financial institution that is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Australia, and as approved by the Executive Committee or a General Meeting from time to time;

(c) ensure that all payments authorised by the Club are made;

(d) ensure that correct records and accounts are kept showing the Clubs financial affairs, including full details of all receipts and payments connected with the Clubs activities;

(e) prepare and present reports on the Clubs financial status to each General Meeting and Executive Committee meeting;

(f) prepare a financial report covering the Financial Year to be audited and submitted to the Annual General Meeting;

(g) prepare a budget of projected income and expenditure for the following year for approval of the Executive Committee

(h) detail for each member the membership fees, affiliation fees, levies, re-grading fees and other charges payable to the Club.

(i) be one of the three members of the Executive Committee authorised signatories of the club’s bank account.

(j) present both the audited annual accounts and the approved Budget to the Church Council

The Treasurer shall also be responsible for setting up start of season systems for match payments / levies etc and train those who need to use it

The Registrar

1) The Registrar shall:

(a) establish and maintain the Register of Members (as required by Rule 10);

(b) supply a timely and up-to-date Register of Members to the Executive Committee; and

(c) prepare and submit information to MFA, Football NSW, FFA in a timely manner as required.

The Registrar shall also ensure the formation of teams with suitable coach and manager

The MPI Officer

1) The MPI Officer shall:

(a) exercise all functions required to be exercised by the Club under the law relating to MPIO; and

(b) inform the members of the Executive Committee on Member Protection Information matters generally and report immediately regarding all matters that may be prejudicial to the Club.

The MPI Officer shall also ensure that the club is compliant with WWCC numbers

                Be first point of call and information when a member has a complaint, and facilitate any subsequent processes

The Appointed Church Representative

                1) The appointed Church representative shall report the activities of the Soccer Club to the Church Council, and any Church matters that might impact on the Soccer Club. The representative will present any financial or governance issues to the Church Council.

The appointed Church representative shall also be responsible for areas of ethical dispute (eg suitability of sponsors) and making sure such decisions are within the ethos of both the club and the church.

The Equipment Officer

1) The Equipment Officer shall:

(a) implement the equipment policy determined by the Executive Committee;

(b) provide recommendations for equipment acquisitions and arrange procurement of items approved by the Executive Committee;

(c) maintain records of equipment purchased by from the Club;

(d) provide the Treasurer each month, or as required by the Treasurer, details of items purchased by Members;

(e) effect the distribution of equipment issued to Members;

(f) arrange the provision, including the engraving or embroidery as appropriate, of items approved by the Executive Committee as awards to members; and

(g) provide reports to each General Meeting on equipment matters.

The Club Captain

1) The Club Captain shall be responsible for;

(a) all team grading’s under Rule 12.

(b) co-ordinates training and education courses of coaches.

(c) preparation of training schedules on behalf of the club.

The Grounds Officer

1) The grounds officer will be responsible for the general care of CUCSC grounds. This is to include but not limited to; ground maintenance, field markings, lighting, field and playing equipment and any other issues that may arise in relation to the up keeping of the grounds. Any major issues are to be reported to the club executive to determine further action.

The Canteen Manager

1) The canteen manager will be responsible for the following; operating the canteen, stock ordering, food preparation, canteen cleanliness and at the end of the day the balancing of funds raised through sale of canteen products.

The Webmaster

1) The webmaster is responsible for the posting of content and communications on the Club’s website as directed by the Executive Committee for the purposes of disseminating information to the members.

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