Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021

The 2021 Season was almost a successful one, with 20 teams and over 200 players featuring in more competition games than we’ve had in years. or would have. if the season hadn’t been cut short.

Our club is growing again, in all the right areas, the raw numbers of players year on year was on trend with our growth in recent years, but the notable factor has to be the increase in specific teams. Our under 8s grew to three teams for the first time in over a decade, we featured our first all girls SSG team, since the inception of the SSG format. we featured 5 junior competition teams for the first time since 2014, and even managed to field a second over 35s team.

The U8s MSAP pilot program has, across the district largely been seen as a success and will be branching into U9s next year as well.

Coach Dwayne, Manager Teneille , and their support team Matt and Grant have helped develop this programme into a real highlight of the quality of football we can offer as a club.

This year we also maintained our healthy relationship with the RamsWomen’s SAP teams, allowing them to train in spare field space, when our teams weren’t using them, big thanks to Dwayne coordinating their schedules to accommodate any uniting teams who needed to use the fields.

We were looking forward to running a combined training event with them and our Junior Girls teams, but the year had other plans.

Maintaining a positive relationship with the clubs that are the next stepping stone for many of our aspirational young players is integral to growing our local game.

The Start of our season was unfortunately also marred with Loss, as the club was left reeling at the sudden passing of Elise Carter. a Supporter, Mum, Manager, Player and Coach at the club for the last few years, Elise’s positive attitude to life, and to the Game were an inspiration.

Thanks to Covid and sudden Government restrictions the season was cut short in June and never resumed.

Moving forward into the next year we are hoping to maintain our strong growth, more MSAP, More Junior teams, more night games and more FUN.

Thanks to all our volunteers, especially those who fill in in unelected roles, people like Corey, Karen, Rachel, Katie and Victor.

And a huge thanks to our outgoing Secretary, Dennis for his hard work and dedication over the last two years.

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